Mobile Industrial Robots is a leading manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots. The MiR1000 has been specially designed to automate the internal transport of pallets and larger loads within the internal logistics of companies from various industries. With a transport capacity of 1000 kg, a maximum speed of 1.2 m/sec and a floor plan of 1350 x 920 mm, the MiR1000 is currently the strongest and most robust collaborative autonomous transport robot from the MiR family.

Key features MIR1000

  • Load capacity: 1000 kg
  • Position accuracy: +/- 50 mm, resp. +/-10 mm (using docking marker)
  • Maximum speed: 1.2 m/s
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Charging speed: 1 hour
  • Weight: 230 kg
  • Communication interface: Wi-Fi (dual band), Ethernet (Modbus),
  • Power supply: 3 x 24 V outputs, 4 dig. inputs, 4 dig. outputs (IEC61131-2), Safety I/O (8 inputs, 4 outputs)

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Would you like to robotize a specific application in your production process and you do not know how and where to start and how to finance it all?


POsition: warehouse/logistics

Name: Robot MiR
Surname: Collaborative (AMR)
Date of birth: 2015
Place of birth: Odense, Denmark
Parents: MiR robots, 2013
Phone: +420 541 225 215
Address: Škrobárenská 506/2, 617 00 Brno

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Type of employment
Full time, with unlimited work hours, 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Complete education with the possibility of immediate increase as required. 

Experienced in many fields, eg mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, construction, food industry, furniture, woodworking industry, pharmaceutical, chemical, paper, printing and others.

Language skills
Czech, English, German, Danish and several other languages.

Driver’s license A, B, C, T (I do not need it, I can drive perfectly)
If necessary, I will always reach the destination safely without any ground markings, I avoid obstacles.

Technical knowledge and skills 
I am a safe, investment-friendly mobile collaborative robot for fast automation of internal company logistics. I can get involved in the process very quickly and easily. I optimize workflows by relieving your employees, who can focus on more important tasks instead of pushing carts and delivering shipments. I can increase productivity in production and reduce costs.

I communicate via WiFi with my own router, Ethernet with Modbus protocol, digital inputs / outputs, Bluetooth, USB.

Operating systems
MS Windows XP/Vista/7, MS Windows 8/10, Android, iOS.
I am easy to program and control via PC, tablet or mobile phone.

About me
I am a non-smoker and not burdened by any prejudices. I am fast and reliable. I have unlimited possibilities and my domain is consistently about quality of performance.

What I do not require
I do not require wages for work, breaks for food, rest or coffee. I do not require a mobile phone, car, laptop, drinking water, coffee maker, kitchen with microwave and kettle, toilet – M or toilet – F, meal vouchers, or other company benefits, praise from superiors, including diplomas, verbal and material awards.

What I don’t need
I don’t need an MOT, emissions, entry and exit medical examination, health and safety training, reference exams, training on news, meetings and workshops, heating in winter, air conditioning in summer. I don’t need a holiday, or Christmas gifts.

My hobbies
Certainly do not include sexual harassment, bullying, surfing the Internet, creativity in creating problems, strikes, starting unions, unnecessary talk or slander, alcohol, hard and soft drugs and cigarettes, including other unspecified vices.

I only require
software at the level of my profession and required performance, electrical connection 230 VAC, ambient temperature 5 – 40 ° C, humidity 10 – 95% RH (non-condensing), clearly defined requirements for performance and space for work, decent handling and your kind smile.






Video MIR1000

offered solutions

Due to more than 300 robot installations in the past 3 years, we have decided to use our experience and save you costs on expensive integrations.
That's why we have prepared 7 standardized robotic arm integrations from Universal Robots and two with autonomous robots from Mobile Industrial Robots, and to make it more user-friendly, we decided to give them names.

To make your entry into robotics, which is inevitable, even easier, you can use our financing of robots and robotic integrations in instalments.


Bohdan Podavač

Bohdan Podavač

Zakládání sypaných součástek

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Viktor Čistič

Automatický desinfekční robot

Jirka Zakladač

Jirka Zakladač

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Tonda Svářeč

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Čestmír Paletovač

Čestmír Paletovač

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James Zásobovač

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Honza Zakladač

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Brusič Tomáš

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