AMTECH Pallet Rack

Amtech Pallet Rack

AMTECH Pallet Rack is a stand for US and EU pallets. The MiR500 or MiR1000 robot arrives and loads or unloads a pallet. This can then be transferred to another location.

The main advantage of the AMTECH Pallet Rack is its favorable price and short delivery time. The AMTECH Pallet Rack can be expanded with accessories that improve the automation process.

  • Automate internal transport
  • The robot can be deployed in various tasks
  • Extremely stable and safe transport of pallets in a dynamic environment
  • It optimizes your internal transportation and allows employees to focus on higher-value activities
  • It does not require any changes to the existing equipment

Amtech Pallet Rack

When operating MiR robots, there is no need to change the existing layout in the company, because the function of guidance using magnets or QR codes is replaced by sophisticated navigation software. All you have to do is simply download the CAD files of the room floor plan to the robot or create room maps using your own laser scanners. The lengthy implementation is created in a short time and the robot is ready to work.


AMTECH Pallet Rack + AMTECH Communication Box
The stand is complemented by pallet detection sensors and an AMTECH Communication Box, which automatically starts a pallet pick-up mission.
AMTECH Pallet Rack + AMTECH Trigger Box
The stand is complemented by pallet detection sensors and an AMTECH Trigger Box, which automatically starts a pallet retrieval mission depending on the information read from the barcode or RFID pallet.

  • Load capacity (MiR500): 500 kg
  • Load capacity (MiR1000): 1000 kg
  • Length: 1300 mm
  • Width: 1104 mm
  • Height for US pallets: 436 mm
  • Height for EU pallets: 346 mm
  • Design: metal construction, gray color
  • Volume discounts: 5 pcs / 10 pcs

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